22 January 2014

Seemingly my stomach has now almost completely stopped to process food. There is still watery porridge to sustain me in small spoonfulls but all the other stuff, no way. Except for a bit of steamed cauliflower in between. But seriously. I know that the early Irish settlers lived to a very old age with their staple diet of everything made from oats. Although I bet they picked juicy berries and killed the odd animal for a feast.
I love food, I love cooking. 
In my GP's surgery today I asked whether I could just get a new stomach please. One made of rubber or plastic so that my immune suppression meds cannot do so much damage. No luck. Instead I have to wait now for him to call back with yet another action plan.
And of course, coffee sends me round the bend with pain and black tea is not so good either despite the fact that I try and sneak in the odd cup. There is always fennel tea and this fancy concoction from the pharmacy with yarrow, nettle and mint. It tastes just like it sounds, yarrow yarrow yarrow yarrow...
Plus hot water bottles.
This is certainly one way to lose weight quickly.


  1. This cannot be good. One probably can sustain life for a long time on watery porridge with a bit of yarrow but there is no joy in that.
    I hope they come up with a new plan soon which helps. I hope that so much.

  2. Ach. Commiserations.

    Yes, fennel tea is good. Also ginger tea I find both soothing and warming for the stomach and the digestive process in general. Yogi Teas do a good Ginger and Lemon blend. I use Rooibos in place of black tea.

    Above all I really hope the GP can help. x

  3. Thank you. I should add that there is also curcuma and liquorice in the tea. And not to forget the cauliflower...I sneaked it a tiny dollop of olive oil, the night will tell.
    This will not go on for ever (she says hopefully).

  4. Sending love and encouragement as you await another action plan from your GP. I can understand how difficult it is to be limited to a few foods, and I make a tea of fennel seed, anise seed and fenugreek which is soothing to my stomach. The fenugreek tastes a little like maple syrup.