17 May 2015

Beautiful May, garden full of blossoms, a bowl of fresh strawberries in my kitchen, green asparagus waiting for dinner, the first juicy apricots . . .
The news full of horror, devastation, cruelty, suffering.


  1. Here the tiger lilies and irises are in full bloom. Am heading for the market for fresh fruit.

  2. Foggy spring here. Lots of veggies at the farmer's market yesterday. Hard to balance the beauty of our small worlds with the ongoing tragedies worldwide. It is overwhelming.

    PS-- I have been going through old photos that belonged to my grandmother. There is one with quite a bit of writing on the back. I'm pretty sure it is in German. I was wondering if I could email you a scanned copy of it and ask if you might be able to translate it for our family. Please email me at robin.andrea13 at gmail dot com. I would love to hear from you. Thank you!

  3. Beauty and horror - for ever bedmates. As always, opposites attract.