18 May 2015

Hurrah, I crawled to work and made it home in one piece, feeling like a limp something or other, licking my wounds and coughing from a tight chest - that and my croaky voice, oh very dramatic! 
My colleagues full of sighs and tutt tutting queued up to offer to take a blood sample (the joys of working with medical scientists) and so I agreed and well, lots of not so normal parameters, aka a lab report from a tiny hell - hand me the smelling salts, quick. 
Yes, I know sort of hope this will could pass, but still, now I am scared of the things that will come and get me in my sleep.
For crying out loud, I am such a wimp.


  1. You are the absolute most NOT a wimp person I know.

  2. I know I don't actually know you, but after reading your blog for a while now, I would never describe you as a wimp. You seem grounded, strong, reality-driven, and aware. Not wimpy attributes at all. Take care there.

  3. you are so not a wimp. i never understood why people think other people are faking not feeling well. why would anyone fake that? why would anyone judge that? i fake feeling pain free and strong every day. some days are harder than others but i don't want people to say, or even think, well, if she would just lose some weight ... its not about weight. it's about joints and ligaments. my mother, a thin woman, had the same issues. so i fake cheeriness to avoid judgment. one day i will be healthy enough to own the pain i live with and try to disguise. thank you for this.

  4. Not a wimp. There are wimps in this world and I see them in my office and you don't qualify.

    X Beth

  5. Just realized that I am super talented.