13 November 2015

happy 70th birthday Neil Young

It seems I have been humming and singing this song under my breath all my life. Long before I could understand the lyrics.

Right now, I remember singing it at the top of my voice while painting the walls of the former industrial school in Letterfrack in bright purples and reds. At the time, I didn't know a thing about the horrible history of that building. I was a clueless student of theories and ideals.

But I was happy, really happy. I had just fallen in love, I had met wonderful people and together we set out to make this place habitable again. We had grand ideas involving woodworkers, weavers, potters, children, gardens. You know, the whole shebang.

Today, my paintwork is long gone. Instead, it has become "a place of excellence".
I am still in love. 


Ms. Moon said...

Just the chords at the beginning of the song bring back intense feelings of the past.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering and reminding me of this song. A piece of my heart and history.

am said...

Only Love.

beth coyote said...

So lovely to still be in love..

JO said...

I think singing is compulsory when painting. I can't paint the kitchen without Nanci Griffiths!!