10 November 2015

My child lives 18 622 km away from me. Which is 11 571 miles. Which is quite a distance. Her garden is doing well, it's spring.  We are a living geography lesson.


  1. New Zealand? All this time, I had thought that Sunday's child lived in the U.S.A on the East Coast. What I was remembering is that she went to school with Daniel Houghton who created "Mad River Rising":


    A living geography lesson. Your comment:

    "This is so lovely and so strange because I know of Daniel Houghton. His wife went to school with my daughter for a few years when they were maybe 10 yrs old, a time of campfires, sleepovers and silly dance classes. They are once again on different continents but, you know, facebook...

    Anyway, six degrees of separation in action."

    Thank you for this music today and the many reminders of how we are all connected.

  2. That is a very far distance. My mother is thinking about moving back east to live with my older brother in Virginia. She will be 3000 mi (4828 km) from me. I don't fly. This will be our geography lesson.

  3. Oh dear. I had the story all wrong. Still, the connection was there (-: