09 November 2015

Today I pretended to be all healthy and strong and selfish and nasty. It was fun for a while. I watched Downton Abbey for breakfast, cycled the 400 m to the nearest optician and got my eyes tested for my new special specs for computer screen work. When he totalled up the costs I almost fainted but managed to pretend that it was no big deal and ordered them anyway. We could fly for a short holiday to Sicily for that money, off season and self catering, but still. I should probably carry them around in a gold plated case and lock them away safely every night. Instead of losing or, worse/better, breaking them, whichever comes first.
Back home, I sat in the sun. Outside! Together with the handful of leaves left on the hedge and the last three flowering plants, I pretended it was May instead of November.
After lunch I went to another doctor's appointment, I am so good at this. This was with the gastroenterologist who had made me drink the five liters of moviprep last year. After two hours of sitting in his crowded waiting room I got up, said good bye and walked out. Life is too short etc.
When I got home, I remembered that I am actually not healthy or strong, just selfish and nasty.


  1. And badass. Don't forget badass. My extremely hip teenaged niece assures me that word is still a compliment.

  2. Sometimes we are what we are and other times we like to be seen in an other way.

  3. Maybe sometimes selfish and nasty (although I find that hard to believe), sometimes self-aware and honest (which seems more likely to me).