18 December 2015

We are on holidays, which implies that for the next 17 mornings I don't have to worry whether I am able to go to work or have to see the doctor for a sick cert. This is a very nice change of things and I'll probably be right as rain until the day I am due back.
Meanwhile, R is gardening, what with mild spring-like temps and stubbornly flowering roses and fuchsias and geraniums and more raspberries to pick. In December, one week before xmas. A miracle.
I tidied up most loose ends incl. the desk. I divided up my xmas bonus among the needy, wrote my six xmas cards, still pestering R to write his 25 (Irish families etc.). There will be dinners and bonfires, wrapped gifts for the under 18-year olds, but more or less, that's it for the festive season. I am so mean spirited, you have no idea.


  1. Oh, I am in the mean-spirited club. Sitting right here with you.

  2. Sounds peaceful and healing to me. It's possible. That's close to what I do. Keep it simple.

    17 days. Wow!

    Love Joni Mitchell's song for the season. Remembering hearing it for the first time in what must have been June of 1971, broken-hearted and at the same time feeling the strength and affirmation in Joni's voice.

  3. Oh, I hope I was supposed to laugh at this. I think a round of Merle Haggard is in order, although I do adore Joni.

  4. We were just listening to Joni singing "River" the other day and were surprised to learn that it has become a "Christmas song." We didn't even send out cards this year. Last year's card was "Oy To The World" which was a perfect sentiment for us. Happy Winter Solstice! Take care there and enjoy your 17 days and late-blooming roses, geraniums, and raspberries!

  5. I too am mystified by the thought of "River" as a Christmas tune. I mean, are people listening to the words? A terrific song, though.

    You don't seem mean-spirited at all. In fact you're much more in the spirit than I am! I did not send ONE card this year. I did buy a bag of small gifts, but nothing major.

  6. Raspberries?! Wonderful! I've managed to snag 12 days off this year, which will be filled with friends and braised Sauerkraut and Riesling and now, your suggestion of hot cocoa and a smidge of whiskey (and on alternate nights perhaps with Asbach Uralt). As for cards, I've taken to the Japanese custom of sending out New Year's postcards. Seems to spread joy in all the right places. And music, ja, Jazz ... sehr gut!