25 April 2016

Sudden spring has been replaced by sudden winter - but we hope only briefly. While R hastily covered his vegetable beds with various elaborate sheets of plastic (it now looks like Christo was here), I said soothing words to the flowering lilac, which has been replanted to the left of the picture above. I think it will survive.
And now I am debating with my weaker self whether I will cycle to work, i.e. face nature in all its beauty and strength head on wrap myself in ill-fitting, leaking waterproof covers, or sit in the car listening to lovely music cursing and gnashing my teeth while looking for parking.

Ok, people die. Brilliant artists also die. It's sad, yes, but also a reminder. Life ends in death. Mine and yours and all others.
Malick Sidibe died earlier this month.

Janet Jackson once made a great video based on his photography. But I always hear this soundtrack here.

I think I will cycle. Life is too short to spend it sitting in a car.


  1. Yeah, I was sorry to hear about Sidibe's death. Such a great photographer and a natural talent.

    Your garden is beautiful. I love all the forget-me-nots! We're having a wintry spell here too.

  2. Good choice, biking. Great black and white photos. I need to look this guy up, I have not heard of him before. I like seeing the tulips and forget-me-nots. There really IS something about a blue flower that pulls everything else together. What is the large plant looming up behind the red tulips in the upper right?

  3. Hope the spring weather returns soon, and then stays until the high sun days of summer. I hadn't heard of this photographer before, and will do some googling around. Biking is the best idea! We plugged in our electrics the other day for the first time in over a year. Maybe we'll take our out for a ride. Thank you for reminding us!

  4. Colette, that's a cardoon (the Italian carduni) or wild celery we enthusiastically brought with us (seeds) from Trieste after eating the most delicious carduni fritti. I tried and failed miserably to cook anything edible with it last year. There is a knack to it which I don't seem to have. It looks great though.