10 April 2016

The lawn is speckled with daisies and everywhere, forget-me-nots and lady's smock are sprouting out of the ground between the fancy tulips and sturdy pulsatilla. They're just weeds, complains R - but with a smile. He will not touch them until long after they are finished flowering. The fruit trees are slowly opening their blossoms. The wind has lost its edge. The garden is gentle and secret and beautiful all of a sudden. Spring is here.
All weekend my energy has been sputtering like a badly tuned engine and I mostly wandered from bed to sofa to armchair, crossing off things from my to-do list either because I actually managed to do them (bake rhubarb crumble, ironing) or because I've suddenly decided resigned that it doesn't matter (sort out tax files, clean fridge).
Meanwhile, R is digging and planting and moving entire sections of the garden to new locations and so on. I watch him fling that spade like a paper kite and I close my eyes with relief.
Last night when I reminded him of the time, he looked up from correcting exam papers and sighed, oh jeezus, they still haven't understood. I don't know how to teach this stuff any longer. Treating viruses with antibiotics! Why don't they listen in class.



  1. I'm always so charmed by early Sinead, and I love Forget-me-nots
    and fields of blooming weeds/wildflowers. The oxalis finally
    had to get mowed down here, but it was glorious – entire hillsides of yellow blossoms. For some reason I forget, every
    year, to try planting purple lupine to see if it would take,
    and spread...

  2. Our forget-me-nots are going gangbusters, too. One of my favorite sights in the spring! Dave has been working our garden over, too. It's definitely that time of year. :)

    It's got to be so frustrating to try to teach something and find that despite your best efforts, your students just don't get it!

  3. Ah, you remind me to plant forget-me-nots. I keep forgetting. I always plant them next to the Sweet Williams for my dad. Spring is such a time, everything bursting blooming and brightening. (I can't imagine being a teacher these days. The competing wisdoms everywhere about everything are just too much.)

  4. Sinead and the flowers... ah.