04 May 2016

that plus sunshine = today

The only thing - apart from maybe a bookshop - that I missed when we lived in paradise was the change of the seasons. During hot tropical nights with the screams of the fruit bats and the boom of plopping breadfruit, constantly barking dogs and roosters crowing whenever - I would dream in slow motion of crocus and tulips, opening fruit tree flowers and the first strawberries, swallows nesting and bright evenings.

Our first spring back was a bit different, or rather, like actual spring when everything basically happens at the same time, explosions of green and colour and soft fruit.
Well, this year has been somewhat slow motion up to now - ignoring the fact that we did pick raspberries on x mas day - but it looks like the show is on the road.


  1. After moving to Florida I could never imagine living through a northern winter again. However, I really miss the coming of spring in a well defined seasonal climate. It is so dramatic and exciting. I have been missing crocus and tulips. Lilacs. Your references to your time in "paradise" are always fun. Isn't it interesting how we love and miss places and things as much as we do people? And by "interesting" I guess I mean painful.

  2. We've been having a few beautiful days as well. The tropical environment as you describe it sounds pretty fantastic too, though, I must say. :)