03 May 2016

May arrives with heavy April showers and a distant promise of warmth. There is hope. Thursday is a public holiday, would be nice to spend it less wrapped up, both in- and outdoors.

Things related to my job security and chronic illness related disability are finally happening. If my boss finds the time to sit down with the various people representing me. He is such an important man, of course, and well, I am not so important but the smell of money may just be too convincing.
The best case scenario could involve a skilled and pleasant underling person working for me, the worst case scenario would be life as it is right now, i.e. absences and backlogs and overtime at home.

Meanwhile, I have been very crafty. After I completed these two pillows

I am now working my way through the left over wool, mittens in May.

And since R has been ingenious as ever, in this very cold spring, we are harvesting our daily salad overload from the inside walls of the greenhouse.

We made the huge mistake of watching That Sugar Film which was followed by a hasty search through our cupboards and guilty disposal of admittedly only very few items (mostly tomato sauce mixes). By disposal I mean that we rapidly ate the stuff, we don't throw food away if we can help it. But the future here is going to be extremely holy and healthy. Watch me.
And watch the full movie online here. While the link works. Great fun if you are into self torture and gruesome pictures of too many sweets and bad teeth and lots more stuff we should all know.


  1. Hope your very important boss finds the time to hire someone to assist you. That would be wonderful news. Absolutely love your pillows. Truly beautiful artwork there. R's gardening looks grand.

  2. Those two pillows are fabulous. I sure hope the boss came through with some help for you.

  3. Picturing the best case scenario. So happy to see your beautifully completed pillows, pink and white mittens, and the splendid results of R's gardening arts.

    It's been 8 years now for me without sugar and nearly 29 years since I made a decision to see what would happen if I stopped eating the massive amounts of sugar I was eating. For several months in 1999 and in 2003 and in 2008 (traumatic periods in my life), I experimented with sugar again, with a return of health problems. Without sugar (once the difficult withdrawal period is over), all the other foods taste so much better. Lettuce tastes sweet. Life is sweet without sugar. No kidding.

  4. Also especially liked what was said in the trailer. I think these were the words, "Sugar is not evil, but that life is better without it." Have not watched the whole film yet. Will do that because I am curious to hear someone else's experiences without sugar.