31 July 2016

Can't shake off this strep throat or whatever it was (is?). While my throat is ok again, the rest of me seems to have been hit by a truck, repeatedly, and according to our newfangled infrared auricular thermometer, I am running a fever. R, my personal science teacher/health coach has established a detailed routine and is using his very own ear for control measurements.
So, well yes, this puts a damper on things. Yet again.

In my dreams last night, Vince called and asked me to come over and watch a video with him. I also got some weed and this movie is fab, he said. Or you can just drink tea, whatever.
Vince died in a car crash in 1997.
I mean, dreams. Come on.

When I told R - and I was laughing at the time - he got all worried for a bit. Could you maybe just resign from work?, he asked. No way, I replied, not because of a strep throat.

But I hate the thought of having to get yet another sick cert tomorrow.

Here are some more pictures I took on my fabulous holiday in the Italian Alps (only a few weeks ago, hard to believe) when we visited the Oetzi archeology park near where the mummified body of the famous iceman was found.

I week later, under my grandmother's apple trees, one of my cousins, a retired chief inspector with the police (I have all sorts of relatives incl. priests of at least two denominations), told me the story of Oetzi's curse, namely that to date at least seven people involved in the recovery of the mummy have died as a cause of accident or violence.
Remember the pyramids, he whispered seriously.
Oh give over, I laughed. Balderdash.


  1. Strep, as you know, is a bugger of a thing. Be patient.
    I had not heard of an Iceman curse.

  2. Those photos are wonderful. Such nice composition. Your dream, well it is spooky. There is no getting around that. It is also quite remarkable. I wish we were all assigned psychoanalysts at birth so that our dreams could be translated for us whenever we wanted to dig deep and try to understand what our unconscious mind is trying to tell our conscious minds with these night time symbolic images and terms.

  3. Oh Sabine, I hope you start to feel better soon. Lots of soup and rest. I love reading about Oetzi and had not heard of the curse. I did a post about Oetzi a while back when I was writing about Roger's inadvertent tattoos. Oetzi is also tattooed, and I guess his are the earliest signs of such things. Our bodies tell such stories. Please take care, friend.