02 August 2016

My secret life of luxury

The main thing is juggling. Keeping it all in balance, not getting distracted by self pity and outbursts of angry howling and banging of fists into the next best pillow. 
It's a simple list of tasks when you look at it: rest, crawl into shower, struggle with towels and clothing, don't look in the mirror, ignore laundry and ironing, rest, answer - cheerfully - any phone calls, watch mindless online tv, rest, sleep, eat something, drink plenty of water, rest, read, fall asleep reading, ignore work emails and - most importantly - be nice to the man in the house.
That's the worst case scenario for the next two weeks, more or less.
Of course, in my wildest dreams . . .


  1. Funny how reality and fantasy clash, isn't it?
    Or, not funny really. Not funny at all.

  2. Except for the "ignore work emails" part, this sounds a lot like retirement. Hope you get lots of rest and feel better soon.

  3. Although I've been quiet lately, you've been in my thoughts. Sending love.

  4. Hope you feel better soon, Sabine. Thinking of you and sending best wishes your way.

  5. Yes, rest. Be gentle with yourself right now. Feel better, my friend.

  6. I send you positive vibes!