18 October 2016

We are on autumn midterm break and move around the house and garden in very slow motion. Wait, that's me, R has been digging and relaying a path at the bottom of the garden most of the day. After which he wolfed down the delicious dinner I prepared (pasta with pears, wild mushrooms and gorgonzola, a very small bowl of the first tiny tender Brussel sprouts and a salad of baby spinach with Moroccan olives, beetroot (boiled and sliced) and sour cream dressing) and now he is sitting at his desk marking exam papers listening to African jazz or something equally lively and invigorating. Whereas I have almost exhausted my daily dose of energy and typing is all that stops me from falling asleep.
I am exaggerating. I am merely lazy as hell. In fact, I cleaned the downstairs windows this morning and I finished editing a long and rather repetitive paper on genetic predispositions for lipid diseases. Seriously, I am hopeless with genetics (and science, I admit it, I admit it), all that stuff about heterozygosity or homozygosity, I haven't a clue. Well, we all have to earn a living somehow. Just don't ask how I got stuck with this line of work. Maybe I'll write it down one day.
Last night I had the weirdest, most vivid dream and this morning, I read several blog posts about people's weird dreams. The moon, never underestimate the moon. But don't tell my father I said so.
Anyway, in my dream, an old friend from long ago brought me to a party with lots of drugs and mountains of food and everyone was dressed as a character from Alice in Wonderland. It went on from there. I was glad to wake up eventually. But I remember that one of the guys wore gold trousers.


Ms. Moon said...

Your supper sounds so good!
I have been thinking about getting back on some medication but then I think about the dreams I have when I'm on it and I think again. No. No. Please, no.

am said...

Hope to hear the story about how you came to do the work you do.

I had a 10-second dream just before I woke up on the day Bob Dylan won the Nobel prize for literature. A little girl of about 5 years old walked into an empty room or hallway that was glowing with sunlight. She jumped for joy! That was the whole dream. I woke up in awe, feeling deeply grateful.

Colette said...

I have been dreaming like crazy the past few nights but I have not been keeping up with writing things down in my dream journal. Consequently, I forget the dreams entirely by the time I eat breakfast. Speaking of eating, that pasta meal sounds amazing.

Anonymous said...

Your dinner sounds delicious, like something we would make here. I like the comment am left, wondering how you came to edit papers on genetics.

For most of my life I remembered dreams in crazy detail. I could recount those dreams that went on and on and on. In 2011 I had the worst headache of my life. A neurologist said I had a "neurological event" but not sure what happened. End result: I no longer remember dreams AT ALL. Haven't for more than five years. I miss it.

Fire Bird said...

Ah dear Rufus. Lovely to hear him... and Teddy Thompson too - going to see him next month! I could sort of do without the gold trousers, but Rufus will be Rufus!