27 December 2016

Shit happened at the ER

When we drove through the dark and empty city early on xmas day I expected to be sent home with the usual wait and whatever needed to be excluded as possible scenarios after 48hrs of quite awful lower back pain which dr google had diagnosed as mere sciatica. 

Little did we know.

On a scale from one to ten, the pain last night hit 25 and I was drugged out if my wits. My right leg is a furry lump and most reluctant to participate in the business of keeping an upright stance. My right foot refuses to lift which renders my attempts of walking to a silly duck-like plop plop shuffle.

The long road of diagnostic work up so far has excluded any fracture. I should be so cheerful. Most of all I would like to have less pain and a good few hours of sleep. Somewhere down the line this is waiting for me. Keep your fingers crossed.

From the large window beside my bed I can see the sky and the tree tops.
And the unlimited supply of coffee is decent.


  1. herniated disc??
    I'm so sorry!

  2. So sorry to hear this. Hope they figure it out and bring you some relief soon. As usual, though, you take something awful and give us a bit of beauty in the process. Love the photo, especially knowing it is what you are seeing, too.

  3. May there be relief soon. The utter and still beauty of relief.

  4. Oh Sabine. This sucks. I hope they figure it out soon and that the pain lifts.

  5. Sabine, Sabine, Sabine what a lovely woman you are to still see the beauty around you and bring it to us along with your wry sense of humor.
    All fingers are crossed, may there be sweet sleep and only the slightest remembrance of a pain gone.

  6. Oh, dear, I am so sorry. I had herniated discs, which was quite bad enough, but the injections and neurontin helped, as eventually did therapy of various sorts. Spinal pain is a special sort.

  7. What everyone said before me.So much for "Happy Christmas!" Hope they can bring relief to you soon in a stronger form than coffee....

  8. Oh Sabine, I hope you are getting some relief from the pain. Yikes. A beautiful view out the window to bring you some respite. Take care there and please keep us posted.