14 December 2016

This is from the archeological museum in the Italian Alps near where Oetzi, the mummy from the glacier, was found. I find this immensely uplifting to read at the moment. The way things stand, I am putting my faith and trust in women. Look at the mess the men have done.


  1. I'm not sure how humans forgot everything about life and how it was lived, but we have. Thus, the world as we know it now.

  2. Most women's nature is to bring things together.
    Most men's is to dominate.
    I trust most women.

  3. Aunts, grannies and lesbians, gay men, and (dare I say) fathers. Not to mention uncles, brothers and cousins. Everyone taking care of everyone, really. Not just leaving new moms to struggle.

  4. My mom always said the world would be in much better shape if women were in charge, and I tend to agree. At least, I think MORE women should be in charge!

  5. 'Look at the mess the men have done.'

    All men? A bit of a generalisation, surely.

    1. Never wrote or said "all men". I have been living with one of the best for 37 yrs.