28 January 2017

Cabin fever day.
Last night a friend called who had a similar experience, surgery, lengthy recovery etc., two years ago. She was on her way to an office party, out for the night. There are so many voices hissing and shouting in my head trying to debunk her sound advice and recommendations. Never mind her healthy self jiggling her car keys as she skipped out the door.
I am my own worst enemy.

Almost no frost and warmer, wetter weather coming. The wisteria has started to come alive.


  1. Thanks for coming over to my blog and for the kind words.
    Marianna Scheffer

  2. Won't be long now! We planted wisteria last year and killed it. I'm going to try again this year.

  3. I've been thinking of you, especially when I'm at the Physical Therapy office having the pinched nerve in my lower back worked on. A tingling left leg and bone pain are no fun at all. I think of you and send the best healing wishes your way.

    1. Oh Robin, you too?! Hope you will get better soon.