30 January 2017

One day we will ask ourselves how life could proceed in such an ordinary way in the face of what was going on. This will feel even more unbelievable because what is happening isn't a natural catastrophe, a volcanic eruption, a massive gas leak, a killer virus  etc. but something caused by careless people and without any need.

And we all know it.


  1. It keeps occurring to me as well that one of the most bizarre things is how life does keep proceeding in an ordinary way. It seems somehow so wrong.

  2. Life isn't actually feeling all that ordinary to me right now. I am seeing and hearing ordinary people come together and speaking out in extraordinary ways, and that gives me hope. We were complacent and arrogant, and this is the result. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes, because this is a fight that will never end.

  3. At this very moment, I know that there are those of us who care who are being called to stand up in the face of those who would have us live in fear. In the coming days, we will all be called upon to face those dark powers. We are not facing them alone. The ordinary joys cannot be taken from us, despite what the dark powers would have us think. Etty Hillesum comes to mind. The days of those who hate are numbered. Our challenge is to do what we can during these dark days that come to the world over and over again. Your strong clear voice from Germany gives me hope here in the United States.

  4. There being so many things that you could be referring to, I don’t which one you mean. The global warming that Trump denies is happening. The election of Trump himself (which was altogether intentional) along with a worldwide increase in fascism. Terrorism (also intentional)? Overpopulation? Crime? The refugee crisis? The ongoing wars in the Middle East? Extremes of wealth and poverty? The loss of forests and entire species? I could go on, there being so much lying, cheating, greed, callousness, and needless suffering…

    I like the comments you’ve received, and plan to come back and visit your readers’ blogs because I do indeed need the knowledge that not everyone is succumbing to demands that Trump’s detractors keep their mouths shut and acquiesce to whatever he does.

  5. As life proceeds the thought of what is REALLY going on is like this persistent thread in my brain, snaking around. That wasn't a good analogy, but it'll have to do because I'm exhausted. We have to keep up the resistance.

    1. "As life proceeds the thought of what is REALLY going on is like this persistent thread in my brain, snaking around."

      Because I'm convinced that "what is REALLY going on" is evil, all that's left is to figure out the details. For instance, Trump really doesn't strike me as being that bright, so is Bannon the brain and Trump the valueless facade behind which the brain carries out its schemes? It seems likely. But as to your point, I don't find the thought of what's really going on to be oppressive--as I think you do. To me, it's just more interesting.