15 May 2017

I didn't make it. All that aqua cycling and deep muscle fitness building, the physio sessions, the hydro jet massage, the pep talks on proper posture (incl. exercises) and how to run a conference without too much unhealthy sitting down, the practical lessons on how to load a dishwasher after spinal surgery and why pillows can be bad. In the end, I just caved in, my legs folding under me ever so slowly. And whoosh, I am out. Regulations, my dear. So sorry.

And now more diagnostics.
May be this.
May be that. 
Maybe just bad luck.
Try not to think ahead.
. . . what ancient and obdurate oaks are uprooted in us in the act of sickness . . .
Virginia Woolf


  1. Damn. I am sorry. I'm sending you continued strength and courage, or as my Italian father always says, "Molto forte e corragio."

  2. Aaaack! So sorry, Sabine. You are very much in my heart right now.

  3. What Elizabeth said. And what her father would say.
    I am so sorry.

  4. Courage, indeed. Shove that stubborn oak back (I'm pushing too)you stubborn you. Or pull it out and plant anew.

    I'm sad for you, but still hopeful.

  5. Sending love to you, Sabine.

    Thank you for sharing some of Virginia Woolf's thoughts on illness. I wonder if Tom Lubbock knew of that quote when he wrote his book that I wouldn't have known about, if not for you (Until Further Notice, I Am Alive). My gut feeling after reading the full quote is that Virginia Woolf would have praised his book.

    Looking for the full quote and its context, I came across a YouTube video I want to share with you.


    "When we most need words, we find none." (Virginia Woolf)

  6. What? Oh, that is outrageous! So sad for you.

  7. Life sucks sometimes.

  8. As you once told me, the body is always trying to heal itself. I found it so helpful then. So now, you rest for a bit. Gather your strength and hope for the next round. Don't lose heart, dear Sabine. There is more than one way to succeed in this endeavor. Let us imagine it together.

  9. Oh Sabine, I am so sorry. Thinking of you and wishing for the very best outcome.