10 May 2017

Week two of the rehabilitation program and the earth is still turning. Today I actually walked out of the building in relatively high spirits, delighted with the prospect that I if I can manage seven hours of this, I may be able to  attempt working four hour days in my office again. Eventually, i.e. in the distant future three weeks.

I drove home, a cheerful sun was shining at last, I let myself into the house and promptly collapsed onto my bed. But hey, I am barely half way.  Many - tons of - more exciting hours of physiotherapy and muscle rebuilding and nerve stimulation and whatever else are ahead of me.

Walking of course is still a euphemism for what is actually happening when I lift one leg in front of the other. It does look like it from a distance, in slow motion, for a short while. Which is better than nothing. And I can get from A to B.
As of today, I am trying out a snazzy looking but rather complicated velcro concoction that I strap around my ankle and foot - with no noticeable effect (yet?). There is a selection of alternatives, which I am going to work my way through under the watchful eyes of a jolly occupational therapist who is also going to bully my employer into providing an electronically height adjustable desk with matching state-of-the-art desk chair. If the next session with the good rehab doctors results in them considering me fit for work (incl. getting there and back), that is.

The coffee is decent, the food is disgusting but luckily, I can bring my own. The company is delightful. Today, I spent one hour with three bus drivers, we were cycling in a pool of hot water up to our necks, talking about our surgeries and the best ways to get our spouses to do more or less all of the heavy lifting before racing each other to the finish. I won, which means that I can choose the music for the next session in two days time. (The bicycles are stationary. The music was hard rock.)

So, all in all, life is surprisingly different all of a sudden.
While shit happens all over the place.

And now for something completely different:



  1. Your spirits sound good and I am glad.
    And also? That video is about the most wonderful thing I've ever seen. Thank you.

  2. Wow! Congratulations on your progress and on winning the pool cycling race!

    Speaking of surprisingly and completely different, I relate to the small Japanese puffer fish. I make mandalas, too. I wonder if, somewhere in the puffer fish part of my mind, I am hoping to become less invisible and find a kindred spirit with whom to share my life. Ha!

    Right now I am working on a mandala inspired by this:


    Thank you, Sabine. Sending love and gratitude to you!

  3. You sound uplifted, it's about time you got a break. I'm sure you can find something better than hard rock (save me, Jesus!).
    I love that video! The magic this planet holds that we couldn't even imagine is mind blowing. Thank you, and thank the powers to be for your good week.

  4. Ah, I raised this point before: using the crossing-out function as opposed to the deletion key. Here the reason is much more obvious: corralling the impulsive oral exaggeration and the reflection-in-tranquillity within virtually the same space. If I plagiarise you, you must not whimper - it is the litterateur's highest compliment.

    A word of advice. "the food is disgusting" tells me nothing more than you dislike it. Which is sad because I may infer there was the potential for wit there, had you been factual. But beware! Much good food (esp. ragouts, casseroles, stews, etc) looks awful but tastes good. Sort that one out and you're ahead of those you reckon you're in competition with.

    Otherwise there's even more potential in eroticism.

  5. Onwards and definitely upwards!!

  6. I'm so glad things are looking up! There's a lot to be said for decent coffee.

  7. Such wonderful uplifting news! So glad to read all of this, and most especially that you won. What music are you going to choose? Keep on keeping on, Sabine. You rock!!

  8. I'm fascinated by a bicycle that you ride under water! And I'm glad to hear that things are rocking on --

  9. I am astounded by the beautiful mandala the puffer fish made. Thanks for that. I am also really happy to hear how your rehab is going. You sound hopeful and fully engaged. Let us know what music you chose.

  10. Spectacular video! Congrats on your rehab progress. Perseverance and a positive attitude in rehab is the name of the game.