11 February 2018

We learn as we go along. At least, that's the plan. And yet, we drink a fresh cup of strong coffee despite the first signs of stomach cramps fully aware blissfully ignoring all evidence of what the next couple of hours will be like.
This is minor. Just a tiny bit of denial. I accept full responsibility.

Winter tried its thing for a while but the snow did not last and two nights of frost meant nothing. Hear that? Nothing. Crocus and daffs are eager little pushers.

This morning, in our warm bed, we discussed the finer points of Dark having binge watched nine episodes on the two previous evenings (or was it three?), explaining to understand who is who and who is related to whom, what is the lunar solar cycle, why the number 33, is there such a thing as the Einstein Rosen bridge and so on. I was ready to admit that I haven't the slightest idea when R in his matter of fact science teacher voice mentioned that he can handle black holes and gravitational waves, no problem. But that dark matter was in doubt according to latest research. Also, that exoplanets are an amazing concept and nothing to fear.

I feel safe now.

It's a great series, very entertaining, somewhat mind blowing. Don't miss it. The English subtitles are well done, for a change.


  1. hmmmm, I might have to check that out.

  2. I’ll need to look for that. Don’t you love the reasonableness of these scientific souls?

  3. I do admire the strength and resilience of crocuses and daffodils. When I lived up North, we also had reticulata (a kind of dwarf iris) that would be pushing up about the same time as the daffodils. They were blue. Best time of the year, when early spring flowers strut their stuff. I hope the coffee was worth it. You KNOW I would have done the same thing. Thanks for the Dark tip.

  4. Ah, spring. Those early flowers are the best reminder of our revolving tilted planet. Always grateful for those first colors. I'll have to tell Roger about that Dark series. He loves stuff like that.

  5. I do not know that show! We'll have to check it out!