15 July 2018

thank you internet

"How do you do it?" said night
"How do you wake and shine?"
"I keep it simple." said light
"One day at a time"

Lemn Sissay 

This is week two of vestibular neuritis, aka labyrinthitis, the 6th episode this year (R claims it's the 7th - does it matter?).
Episode? Attack is more like it. I am at sea with an engine roaring inside my head. The sea is pretty rough.
It will pass.

A couple of nice things that keep me entertained while reading is only possible in fits and starts, and watching is ok for short periods only.

To watch,

quiet resilience:

trying to understand brexit:


and cheerful gruesome, horrific podcasts because the eyes cannot focus:

The Home Babies

In the Dark

Death in Ice Valley


Ms. Moon said...

Well, at least you have more options than simply lying in bed and looking out the window.
Cold comfort.
May this pass quickly.

Colette said...

Thanks for all the tips. I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Take care there, Sabine. I just read about vestibular neuritis and it does sound like a dizzying bummer. Thinking of you.

ellen abbott said...

I too had to look up vestibular neuritis. 6th or 7th attack this year?! sounds like it must be viral in your case. hope it passes soon.

Sabine said...

Apparently, in my case, it's a symptom of this shitty autoimmune disease (Wegener's granulomatosis/ANCA vasculitis), ie inflammation of microvessels inside/supplying the inner ear due to autoantibodies.
I've had this coming AND GOING ever since my diagnosis.

am said...

Sending love to you, Sabine. One day at a time.

Thank you for sharing all these internet offerings, especially Lemn Sissa.


Joared said...

Do hope you’re soon relieved of this latest episode. Wonder if avoiding TV and computer screen might hasten symptoms ending, but expect you’ve tried all sorts of things. Have had a couple instances in the past with similar tricky vision — truly scary and complicates daily life. Does give me pause even now as I think a viral issue playing havoc with my inner ear. Yes....must take each day as it comes.