19 September 2020

bla etc.


artist: EJ Hill

This week has been somewhat tough, despite holiday rest. I did have that long overdue shingles vaccine on Tuesday because heaven forbid I catch a case of shingles while living in my isolation cocoon. But then again, R had it out of the blue this time last year and the friendly GP has been reminding me ever since. 

So, with such splendid fatigue and a grand potpourri of aches and pains, I try to remind myself that, yes, this body is still my own.

Most days, I try to make a joke since after all, I have been working really hard to be one of those people who seem to live through all of this with courage and humour. And sarcasm. Don't forget sarcasm, that handy disguise of despair.

Anyway, don't try this at home, it doesn't work.

In the absence of any further cohesive thought from me,  I will just paste a couple of things I have picked up along the way.


  1. I hadn't seen that last cartoon. It sums up exactly the I feel about things.

  2. A sad yes to all of this.
    It's been a while since I heard this song. Perfect for these times. Thank you.
    Take care there, Sabine.

  3. tenderness may be our superpower but silliness is our saving grace.

    love the cartoons.

  4. The waves keep growing larger. That's for sure. How can we find peace of mind or peace of heart in times of illness and times like these? And yet. All the light we cannot see. Sending love and appreciation for your cohesive thoughts, your honesty.


  5. The wave cartoon is apt. It should be titled "Dread."

  6. 'Tis a shame one cannot attach an image to a comment. I had a super-dooper idea for a graphic rendering of Creativity to add to your Sexy Six but you'll have to take it on trust. Which brings up another contentious subject...

  7. Sarcasm and dark humour are excellent stress relievers, along with swearing, loudly.

    I'm tired of this pandemic, tired of the chaos, tired of the hatred in the world. I just want some kindness.

    I like the cartoons, especially the unicorn. They're real right?

  8. Your third paragraph. Oh, I get it so hard. We keep ob.

  9. That should have been, We keep on.