23 September 2020

The real test is not the virus but our response to it

One thing I know—and this is the central paradox of COVID-19—is that despite the isolation, we are not alone. The pandemic has brought about a sense of shared human consciousness and experience. A friend emails to say: “I find I’m beginning to tune out the politics of it and get more into the humanity of it.” Maybe this is what COVID-19 means: a referendum on humanity. A societal performance review.

 Kennedy Warne

 The only way to fight the plague is with decency. 

Albert Camus (The Plague)

and for the winter, this:








  1. If only I could tune out the politics. I am trying though.

    Great mask tip!

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes.
    Thank you!

  3. of course I didn't understand a word but I love her expressions and gestures!

    I wish this country would get into the humanity of it. unfortunately, America is filled with assholes.

  4. I think it has brought out the best and the worst in people. I know I'm worn out and not looking forward to the next year but it's not like we have a choice. Carry on.

    The mask from a sock is quite amazing but my socks have holes in them:)

  5. If the only way to fight the plague is with decency, America may be lost. Still I hope against hope for magic ahead.

  6. I'm trying to tune out politics, but it seems to show up everywhere. The sock-mask video is great. I'm going to try it!

  7. Great Camus quote! I've just shared it elsewhere.