03 September 2019


asparagus gone to seed
And suddenly, the air is cool again. It rained for a short while. We are beginning to grumble about dark evenings to come. It has been a hot dry summer.

In the garden, losses, surprises and changes.

horse chestnut, drought damaged leaves, paper thin and brittle

herbs thrive without rain, hyssop in large bundles

mirabelle plums are small sweet pearls, you eat a handful and another and another, while the reine claude vert plums are thick marbles with a crunchy skin and juicy delicious flesh - gorgeous, sticky, you end up with dripping fingers

morning glories by the almost empty rain water barrels behind the bicycle shed

conference pears, still waiting for a first taste

tiger flower, also called jockey's cap

swan plant, a bee's favourite, grows up to my shoulders

miserable grape harvest

the vineyard peaches will be a deep red when ripe

petunia, indestructable

orange cosmos everywhere


  1. This all looks like glory to me, despite the heat and drought.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Love this blog.

  3. Looks like paradise! I am in awe of this garden you and R share. Can almost taste those radiant plums.

  4. So much gorgeous, fecund nature!

  5. Oh how beautiful, and delicious!

  6. Thanks for those, I loved them all. Intrigued by the swan plant.

  7. what a fabulous garden you have! I'm so jealous. swan plant. I had to look that up. it's a milkweed, larval food plant for monarchs. I wonder if it will grow here. we had a week of cool mornings. it was wonderful. but then it would get back up in the 90s. that's all gone now and we are back to brutal heat, triple digits, with no rain in sight. we've had four rains this summer. 2 we got barely 1/4", one we got 1/2", and the last it came from nowhere and didn't even last five minutes. it is so dry.

  8. Your garden is so lush and beautiful.

  9. So wonderful. Harvesting plums, apples, tomatoes, squash, beets, carrots, onions, garlic (a neighbor's)pears. Planted this year-grapes and they're making their way up the arbor we built this summer.

    Seeing the stress of the heat in the trees. Our dear trees. I mourn for every tree that dies (or a neighbor cuts down...)

  10. What a rich and beautiful visit to your garden. Thanks.