22 September 2019

We are back. My father's gathering was the usual family thing, sly comments amid very loud laughter, story telling and three kinds of Zwetschgenkuchen with cream. He was happy and fell asleep sitting for short periods. It was very hot and sunny, I almost joined him but I cannot sleep while sitting.
The seaside was refreshing and calm and Dutch. The Dutch cuisine is to a large extent based on sugar and straight away, our teeth started aching. We cycled because that's what you do there. One of the bicycles had a child seat and the grandchild wore a cute helmet and waved a lot. From mid September the beaches are open for dogs and consequently, we made friends with several dogs. The grandchild loves dogs, and sand. We spent a lot of time watching the grandchild crawling after dogs through the warm sand.
Now we are back and my daughter has a cough and last night, R finally agreed to go to the A&E because the strange insect bites on his belly were definitely spreading and started to look suspiciously like - yes, shingles. We all started to itch and ache and have examined ourselves and each other about a thousand times by now but so far, it's just him. He is very brave of course and is taking the meds and seems to have no pain. When this morning, he started to fix some faucet and drill holes into a wall, I raised my voice and told him to get his act together and be sick like real.
Pictures to follow.


  1. I thought I was getting shingles on my face a while back but it turned out to be poison ivy which took forever to clear up. well, glad the little family reunion was as painless as it seems.

  2. Zwetschgenkuchen looks delicious but yes- a little would go a long way.
    "The grandchild loves dogs, and sand." Sounds very familiar. My granddaughter begs her mother to stop the car if they see a dog on the side of the road so that she can pet it. And all of them will happily dig in the sand for hours.
    Isn't it funny how, when one person gets something itchy, everyone starts to itch? I suppose this is a universal response. I am glad your husband has no pain. I hear that shingles can be torturous.

  3. I hope your husband's case of shingles isn't too painful. Happy to hear you have been spending time with daughter and grandbaby. It is amazing how happy a baby/toddler can make one feel.

  4. Oh wow! My grandmother used to bake plum kuchen every year. We loved it. Sounds like a wonderful time at the seaside. Sorry to hear about your husband's shingles. Hope he feels better soon. Looking forward to your photos.

  5. The family gathering sounds...familial. How lovely to sit and watch your grandchild. Not so lovely to return home sick. I hope everyone mends very quickly.