06 November 2019

In Madagascar time was measured by “a rice cooking” (about half an hour) or “the frying of a locust” (a moment) and some native communities spoke of how a “man died in less than the time in which maize is not yet completely roasted” (less than fifteen minutes).

E.P. Thompson
 found here

Currently, I am measuring time by a packet of paper tissues, a pack of nine four-layered Tempo "soft and free" with aloe vera to avoid sore skin. It lasts for an hour but not for two.
I was explaining to R how Tempo tissues were part of my childhood, always available (surprisingly, considering the chaos) all crisp whiteness and starchy smell. We made paper flowers out of them and stuffed our first bras and have a quick guess what different stuff we wiped off with them. Before someone found out.
Anyway, a head cold, something other people shrug off,  and I used to be one these other people. But with immune suppression, it's a long hard struggle or at least that's what it seems.
There was a time when I was working in a Dublin bookshop, a big one, with Sunday opening and children's story time and red wine and coffee and quiet jazz musak. The xmas incentive was double pay if you worked every in December up to xmas day and after that one day off, on to New Year's eve. A day's work was 10 hours plus clean up.
I did it. I was greedy. And from about day seven onwards, I lived on nurofen, had no voice left and by day 12, I ran a low fever and on xmas day, I mostly slept. But I crawled right back on boxing day. All that filthy lucre to earn.

Whereas now, I spent a half hour with our GP, mailed the sick certificate to HR and deleted the email from the big boss suggesting demanding that I work from home. You must be joking.

I also think that Bryan Ferry sounds here as if he's a head cold too. (And he sounds great.)


Secret Agent Woman said...

Sounds like you've figured out a much better work/life balance.

I've never heard of Tempo tissues. I grew up with Kleenex and call all tissues kleenex generically.

Ms. Moon said...

We have some funny time-measurements here, too.
"I haven't seen him in a coon's age." Or even longer- "I haven't seen him in a month of Sunday's."
There are plenty more, I'm sure. But I've never heard those two which makes sense. Not too much frying of grasshoppers around here.
Doesn't your boss know by now that if you were capable of working from home you'd be in the office?
I hope you feel better soon.

37paddington said...

Feel better Sabine. Forget everyone’s demands. Listen only to your body. Rest. Rest.

ellen abbott said...

I hate colds. and I hate cold medicine nearly as much. will only take it if I am totally miserable. I wouldn't know what's worse, my immune system trying to kill me or with immune suppression, everything else trying to kill me. and the boss wants you to work from home with a fogged head. idiot. I hope you are better soon.

am said...

Good to know that you are finding that Tempo tissues with aloe vera help avoid sore skin. I've found aloe vera gel to be soothing and healing for several skin conditions. Head colds are a real test of patience, aren't they? Hope you feel better soon and that you have an absorbing book (or books) to read in the meantime.

My life so far said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. I never appreciate having a clear nostrils until they are completely plugged up and I have to breathe through my mouth.

Your boss, really?

Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Take care there, Sabine. Rest and get well. Thinking of you and sending good wishes.

Linda said...

Ugh! A cold is bad enough without the body having to go into all out war. Hope you are on the mend quickly.

Colette said...

I'm hoping this cold passes quicker than you think, and you feel better soon.