27 March 2020

If this vile virus can do any good at all, maybe it is this: that it will teach us to recognise our fragility. We think we own the Earth; we certainly think we can dominate it. It is salutary to discover that our dominance is based on a very wobbly foundation and that we can only hope to co-exist, carefully and thoughtfully, on this Earth, with our fellow-humans and our fellow-creatures, respecting and managing our environment and its ecosystems.
What this experience teaches us is that as humans, we can only survive in interdependence. The borders and divisions we have constructed to mark out our own territories, what we own, what we defend, are blown wide open by an experience like this – even as we seek to mend the problem by closing those very borders.

Stanislaus Kennedy (Sr Stan) 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a wallydraigle is a lazy, unkempt or slovenly person.
In other words: me, working from home.
Next week, the boss wants to start telemeeting and facetime chats. I have already installed the tidy office background app and will wash my hair.

It's not funny, this life. I fairly hissed at my neighbours when they announced that they were off on a holiday as of now. This involves driving to the coast, crossing borders. Apparently the rentals for beach houses are unbelievably low and the owners desperate for customers, some of the restaurants promised delivery and as for shops, surely money can buy whatever. What part of "no direct contact, social distancing, only necessary trips etc." did they misunderstand?
They are both in their 70s and have health issues. I hope they come home safe and well and that they haven't transported the virus to polite Dutch seaside villagers.

Just to be clear: When you go for a drive, a day trip long or short distance, whatever, you could become involved in an accident, a traffic jam, a break down, and so on, or you may need a rest stop, get petrol. This will involve people having to get in close contact with you, in some cases even a lot of people.

And bear in mind: There will be a vaccine. It takes time but as far as vaccine science goes, the building blocks are in place. Let's just be patient until the system is up and running. Also, treatment for severe cases, it's in the pipeline. Definitely. The researchers are not looking for a magic cure, a needle in a haystack sort of thing, no, there are already a good few studies on the go, potential candidates. That's the beauty of global scientific networks, all these researches getting their heads together.

Also, it's time for music on a Friday, remember that guy?


Ms. Moon said...

What absolutely great advice and reminders! Science will provide us what we need but it IS going to take time. Meanwhile, let's all try not to kill ourselves and each other.

Anonymous said...

We are trying to limit our shopping at the local co-op to only one day a week, and that's mostly to keep our veggie bin full. Otherwise, we are just shelter inside. These are such challenging times, but our beautiful earth does seem to be happier with the quiet and the cleaner air.
Love the video! How funny to see Neil Diamond do this. It's been very uplifting to see all the musicians coming out and singing like this.
Take care there and stay well and healthy, Sabine.

ellen abbott said...

humans are inherently selfish I think as your neighbors so helpfully pointed out. we are also inherently compassionate. we also like to put our heads in the sand. like every one else I wonder how long it will be before some normalcy is regained, what things will be like when it does. if nothing else I hope it means the end of Trump.

Steve Reed said...

I just had a ZOOM video conference Happy Hour with all my co-workers. Pretty surreal! We all poured drinks in our respective houses and chatted for an hour or so.

I'm of two minds about driving. It doesn't seem harmful as long as people are mindful of the six foot (two meter) rule when they stop their cars and walk around. Social distancing! Definitely staying overnight somewhere else is problematic.

am said...

Hope all goes well with working at home. So much of what has always happened in person is continuing in an altered manner. In our town, medical, educational, business, social, and support gatherings of all kinds are taking place with the help of the internet. Zoom is popular.

It's very very quiet here in the northwest corner of Washington State, except for the birds singing during the day and the frogs singing at night. Most everyone is sheltered in place by order of our governor, Jay Inslee. We can do this. In our county of 225,300 people, there are four deaths as of today and 92 confirmed cases.

Thank you for Sr. Stan and Neil Diamond. I remember when I learned the word "juxtaposition." It was about the same time Neil Diamond could be heard singing "Solitary Man" on the radio (-:

Colette said...

I think when we use our devices to communicate with others who will be able to see us, vanity must fall by the wayside. No one looks good on their phone's camera.

Linda said...

I will sheepishly admit that quick drives to the beach, where we proceed to stay in the car and read, have been a real balm in this time of chaos. I am not going out to stores, except rare trips to the market, but I do sit at the beach.

My life so far said...

He has such a lovely voice. I saw him in concert many years ago in Calgary in the '80s.

I guess we'll see what the future brings us. Humans have never had a pandemic with world wide daily updates to make us even more fearful.

Stay home, stay safe my friend.

37paddington said...

I might be a wallydraigle too. But an neat office background app? I will look for that!