24 July 2020

the keys to paradise

"Putting something called Nature on a pedestal and admiring it from afar does for the environment what patriarchy does for the figure of Woman. It is a paradoxical act of sadistic admiration."

". . . the belief that humanity will soon become involved in a deep and abiding worldwide partnership with nature. Millions of us will commit ourselves to reversing the long legacy of environmental degradation that threatens to destabilize the climate as well as the great ecologies that sustain life on Earth. We must develop a vast stewardship initiative, which will become the great work of our time. Fortunately, there are as many ways to serve the Earth as there are people willing to engage in this vast restoration project. It includes nothing less than stabilizing the planet’s climate as well as saving ourselves."

We could if we wanted to. But, ahh, distraction, distraction. Two days ago, I got sidetracked while I was searching online for a specific white cotton vest for my father and before I knew it, I was contemplating purchasing various underwear items I did not need to restock. I refrained, because: size charts, how do they work? Since then, this link keeps popping up to a site listing "the 10 female clothing items men hate". I am not even tempted, what do I care. As a form of interweb punishment I have since received an invitation, I kid you not, to view bargain funeral cars. There could be a message here.


  1. Bah. The internet doesn’t know what it thinks it knows.

  2. Anonymous25 July, 2020

    Interesting quotes. I'm in a quandary about humans and our destructive footprint, wondering if that will or could ever change. I just don't know.
    Love the music. So very beautiful.
    I am often surprised by how much our internet searches show up in other ways.

  3. Bargain funeral cars! I get ads for viagra and the Hemlock Society. Oh, and phones with really big keypads.


  4. we humans are destructive. we pick a place to live because of it's resources and then we set about to destroy and denude. then we move on and start again. I used to think our demise started with the Industrial Revolution but in truth, that just accelerated the rate at which we destroy. Some of us want to live in harmony. individuals will go out and devote their lives to planting trees. but most of us don't think past our individual wants and needs of the moment. yes, we could if we wanted to. we don't want to.

    It always amuses me to get ads for something I searched on the internet for. a day late and a dollar short. if I had wanted to buy the item, I would have bought it then. getting an ad for it everyday for the next week is like closing the barn door after the cows got out.

  5. so world weary right now...what we do to our mother earth, what we do to women's bodies and psyches, ack. After the Black Death, the world emerged into an age of enlightenment. Hoping we may do it again.

  6. Hopefully some good for mother earth may emerge given the time we’re living in.

    The ads coming to me on the internet are mostly a joke as are many snail mail mailers who seem to have second-guessed what they think my status is.

  7. We could, true enough. But I suspect we won't.

  8. I'm just back from France and have thus - reluctantly - surrendered the keys to paradise. Nah, that's that's too grandiose but - honest - talking to francophones can be fun. When I can't find the word I need I provide instead the definition and they respond, joyously. Is that allowed among us Anglo-Saxons?

    Alas, masks hinder expressiveness.

    Back to Skype and my singing teacher V. A minute, exhausting but exhilarating analysis of the line: Meine Laute, hab ich gehÃĪngt an die Wand. You would no regard me as too trivial in these troublous times, angered by my inclusion of the umlaut and thereby denying you a peg on which to hang stern-minded criticism. Have you not heard? Growing up is circular rather than linear. Old age is simply childishness re-experienced.