08 August 2020

two songs

Right now, there is a lot stacked at the negative side. And I am not immune to feeling down over It All.
In a lengthy zoom meeting with far away friends last night, we discussed helplessness and being at a loss as to what to do when overwhelmed by the seemingly endless feed of bad news, climate change, mass extinction, the pandemic, the lot.

I haven't got enough energy to always be disheartened, depressed. Feeling hopeless is hard work. Even listing all the stuff that makes me feel upset and hopeless is too much work. 
But unable to turn away. I wish I could.
Anyway, Saturdays are difficult days while my body metabolises the weekly shot of immune suppressant medicine. 

Also, we are having a heat wave. The lawn turned into grey bristle in the span of 24 hours. We covered the greenhouse with the black netting, filled the bird baths, shut the house and let down the blinds. It could be a blizzard out there for all I know. But instead it's still 39°C out on the patio at almost 8 pm.  

So today, I am posting two songs to cheer myself up. To remind myself that we need to bear witness, to be aware, to stay open, to learn, to act responsibly. That nothing is normal, never has been.


am said...

When I followed the threads for Kae Tempest, I found her words:

"For me, the question is no longer ‘when will this change’ but ‘how far am I willing to go to meet the changes and bring them about in myself.’ I want to live with integrity. And this is a step towards that. Sending LOVE always."


Labi Siffre is new to me. I'm as moved by Kae as I was the first time you posted "People's Faces." Music carries me to places I can't carry myself.

Thank you, Sabine.

Roderick Robinson said...

One advantage about songs in a foreign language is that their banality - if the words are banal - remains partially disguised. And so it should be; unless our foreign language is very good we may misinterpret simplicity for banality; also a translation, unless truly poetic, may not necessarily help.

Here is one of Schubert's most beautiful songs - musically that is.


You may disagree, in which case Punkt.

If not, well, my German is very poor, below the horizon you'd probably say. Thus my assertion that these words seem banal is possibly worthless. As a proper German speaker however you will have the ability to distinguish between simplicity and banality.

No need to reply here, I know the restrictions you work under. But the point I raise - even if it is born out of linguistic ignorance on my part - may be worth your consideration in a future post. Taking advantage of the fact that you see (or to mix metaphors: hear) both sides of the fence clearly.

Colette said...

I just love your parting statement here: ..."we need to bear witness, to be aware, to stay open, to learn, to act responsibly. That nothing is normal, never has been."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the music and the poetic lyrics of People's Face. I've never heard that song and had to find the words to read as I listened.
I'm sorry it's so hot there. Those are crazy high temperatures, and I hope that it cools down. Take care there, Sabine.

ellen abbott said...

normal is a constantly changing concept. I'm not depressed, at least I don't think so, but everyday the news is worse and worse over here concerning the upcoming election which we all desperately want to function normally but Trump and his minions have now compromised the postal service and still the republicans refuse to reign him in because it is them going down with him. so, yes, depressing. or maybe just weary. we are so weary of Trump. all the rest, the pandemic, climate change can be addressed if we could just get rid of Trump and his enablers. otherwise...total destruction. this country will return to king and serfs.

Steve Reed said...

We're having a heat wave too. I watered this morning for a good hour, and Dave watered again in the afternoon. Oh, for some rain!