03 October 2020

that mysterious splendor



As we walked through this sunlit forest, I once again felt such betrayal, such loss. How can we ever again call a forest like this one by its name? Beech forest, Buchenwald. (They chose that name for a reason. The monsters in their leather coats and shiny boots.)

That was two weeks ago. Now, autumn has arrived, I am looking for my cycling gloves and we turned on the heating. Autumn could be lovely if only it wasn't a gateway to winter.

I am unwell and eventually called the covid hotline, on a Friday evening, no less. In the past, this would have been a bit of a blocked nose, no fever, sore throat, headache, shivers sort of scenario. But apparently, I tick too many boxes. Now waiting for my test slot, while R hovers at a distance with cups of tea.


We’re all hurtling through our lives, and the planet is hurtling through space without a seat belt. We have to discover successively more freedom inside the terrible things that have happened and the terrible things that certainly will happen, and the whole of it is also a mysterious splendor, full of kindness, welcome, and cups of tea.

John Tarrant 


As for the other news, I leave you with this, because, whether he's ill or not, whether he knowingly passed the virus on or not (and in my humble opinion, he did), whether it matters or not that the news broke after the stock market had closed for the day, stay focused:

First, let me say that I am fine with Trump being called a fascist because he is using fascist tactics, and it's a word that resonates with the public. We need a wide, inclusive, and resolute American opposition movement, and this word conveys the necessary urgency. 

But I've largely called him an authoritarian or autocrat instead of a fascist because "fascist" implies loyalty to the state. A fascist wants to embody and expand the state and usually has imperial ambitions. Whereas Trump wants to destroy the U.S.: he wants to strip it down and sell it off for parts to both domestic and foreign backers. His cohort's ambitions are similar to what oligarchs and other hyper-capitalists did to the U.S.S.R. after its collapse — which is not surprising because the Kremlin and an associated network of plutocrats and oligarchs are the prime backers of this operation.

Sarah Kendzior


am said...

Thank you, Sabine, for the link for both:

John Tarrant and reality of mysterious splendor.

And Sarah Kendzior who demonstrated astounding clarity with, among other insights, this:

"The Trump administration is simply a transnational crime syndicate masquerading as a government.

That is why those who seek to keep our democracy and sovereignty need to understand that Trump does not even respect the traditional limitations of fascism: he doesn't care if the country itself is defeated, as long as he is not defeated. So Americans who are standing up for our country need to assess their leverage in that context. We are dealing with a new kind of threat, and we need to come up with new measures to combat it. I encourage people to be very creative in their approach. Open your mind to the darkest possibilities of what they would do and then consider what mechanisms you would need to stop them. Don't be hesitant or shy. Know that you're not fighting alone and that there is not one simple solution to this, because we are not just battling Trump, we are battling a coalition of corruption amidst deeply broken institutions. Be resolute and flexible and strategic."

and this:

"People are always asking me where I find hope, and I tell them I don't think of things that way — I don't believe in hope, but I don't believe in hopelessness. I believe in the truth and in doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do, let the chips fall where they may."

Sending love and gratitude to you, Sabine, and to R with those cups of tea he brings to you as you wait for your test slot.

Anonymous said...

I never knew the meaning of Buchenwald. I see why you don't want to call this beautiful sunlit Beech Forest that word.
I sit here typing this comment in country unsure if the President has spoken a single word of truth about any of his illness. Is he really sick? Is this all a ploy to get people to use Remdesivir, of which we are suspicious that he probably has stock shares in? When was he diagnosed, or should the question be when did he hatch this insane idea?
Yes, he is a authoritarian, but I believe the string are being pulled by Putin. This all seems right out of a Putin playbook.
We are worried here in America, truly worried right down to our bones.

Anonymous said...

Sabine!!! I forgot to write the most important part of my comment to you. I so hope with all of my heart that your Covid test is negative and that you start to feel better soon. Thinking of you and hoping for good outcomes in every way.

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. May you not have the virus! Well, you may have some virus but please not THAT one.
And I agree with Robin. We Americans are worried right down to our bones. Or as I say- terrified.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, dear. I hope you are okay. Sarah Kendzior is brilliant -- I follow her writing and sometimes have to just lie down on my bed and stare at the ceiling.

My life so far said...

tRump is a sorry excuse for a human being. He is terrified of death, in my opinion, and thinks that his wealth and power will protect him. Sadly no. He will die, like the rest of us, like all humans, because that's what happens to us. It's what we do while we are alive that matters.

As for the difference between facism and autocrat, I would have to agree. He has no allegiance, except to money, his fucking god.

I hope the test comes back negative and regardless, I hope you're feeling better soon. Sending hugs.

Steve Reed said...

And after all there's so much PROFIT to be made in stripping down and privatizing governments. And PROFIT is all that Trump understands.

Maybe we should reclaim "buchenwald" as an acceptable word -- use it frequently to describe the natural environment it describes, rather than the monstrous place it came to represent. (Then again, that monstrous place needs to be remembered, too.)

Fingers crossed on your test!

ellen abbott said...

Trump's only allegiance is to himself, not money particularly. the money comes into it because that's what he wants and measures his self worth by.

ellen abbott said...

Oh, I do hope your fears are unfounded as to the need for a test! it's not like you've been out partying, right?

it's a horrible mess here. all Trump and his minions have done is lie and so we have no idea what the truth is. the only thing we know is that they are lying.the doctor was asked today at the news conference why he lied in yesterday's conference about Trump's infection and he replied, thereby confirming that he lied, that he was trying to stay within the upbeat assessment that the Trump team wanted from him. in other words, Trump is telling them not to inform us of how sick he really is. the thing Trump hates the most is to look weak and being infected and in the hospital while Biden is healthy and out there campaigning is eating him up. so all reports to the public have to be upbeat and that he is responding beyond all expectations and just might be released tomorrow.

Joared said...

I think thats a good assessment but he is using fascist and other racist groups to further his goals so they could well have a place in government activities should he succeed. Given his exploitation of religion I tend to think he is offering a Capitalistic Theocratic Autocracy to replace our constitutional capitalistic democratic republic. In any event goodbye freedom.

Joared said...

Oh, I do hope you are clear of the virus. Take care.

Sackerson said...

Best of luck with your test. My partner has several health problems which mean she really tries to avoid contact with others so I can imagine something of your situation. I agree with you regarding Trump and fascism. I think it an accurate label in one way but a lazy one in another - it doesn't always help because to effectively challenge one's opponents one needs first to understand them.

37paddington said...

Dear Sabine, I hope you are okay. And that quote distinguishing between fascist and authoritarian is simply stunning. She's so right. Trump has no loyalty to the state, no care for anyone and anything but himself. That forest. History never dies, does it. It haunts us through the ages.

am said...

Hello, my friend. Sending love to you.

Colette said...

I'm thinking of you with lotsa love, as I write this. I've been quite overwhelmed with politics, and the whole Star Wars struggle to ensure that good overcomes evil. It's a lot. I sure hope you are okay. More than okay. I hope this comment finds you happy.