09 March 2021

where women rule

Yesterday was International Women's Day.  In my younger trade union days, this was usually celebrated - rowdy and cheerful and exclusively female.  We enjoyed it when the big boss would traipse up with a couple of roses, doling them out like diamonds. What a laugh we had and how he would blush in anger - especially when we found out that his wife had bought the bouquet for him.

Silly. Meaningless.

This year, I found out about these islands in the Baltic sea where women rule. The two islands Khinu and Manija. Wikipedia tells me: As the men of Kihnu have been frequently away to sea, women have run everyday life on the island and became the guardians of the island's cultural heritage, which includes handicrafts, dances, games and music. Music is an especially important part of the island's traditions, and accompanies handicrafts, religious feasts and other celebrations. Ancient runo-styled songs are also important, as is traditional clothing adorned with decorations and bright colours. 

These are such magnificent pictures. I borrowed them from here. There are many more to admire. The photographer is Anne Helene Gjelstad. These images have been published in many media outlets.


 the men have to wait outside for their turn at funerals

this could be is me knitting for the grandchild

and this is for Mary Moon


  1. Thank you so much for this, Sabine. I'll repeat your word. Magnificent!

  2. And Mary Moon adores that rooster! What a handsome fellow.
    I had no reaction to Women's Day at all. As in- what the hell does that even mean? It's like Black History month. Oh boy. One month a year we here in the US give a nod to the fact that Black History is OUR history. And one day a year, women are acknowledged as strong and capable and...whatever.
    Could we start with just ratifying the ERA? How about equal wages? How about paid income for people who stay home with children?
    You get my gist. I know you know.
    Meaningless, as you say.
    Those women in Kinhu and Manija would probably shake their heads in wonder.

  3. Beautiful images. It's hard to imagine that these are current photos, not images from the past, but now. People we share the earth with and yet it looks like a different time and such a different reality.
    Yes to Ms Moon's comment.

  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1975_Icelandic_women%27s_strike

    The women of Iceland had the right idea 45 years ago.

    As for the rooster, he's beautiful!

  5. Wow, wonderful photos.

  6. I agree, international women's day is meaningless. we get a rose. whoopie! how about stop trying to control us, stop considering us grown children. we hold up half the sky. we have half the brain power of the species.

  7. I remember seeing those photos before! (Or some like them.) In the NY Times, I believe. It's a fascinating culture and a refreshing change!