06 February 2022

what else is new

Sunday is exhaustion recovery day, when I remain inside my dressing gown for a very long time. As always, I have made a list of stuff I want to do on the weekend, ranging from the sublime (baking, cooking, writing invoices for editorial work) to the ridiculous (clean bathroom, cut fringe, sort out fridge) and weather permitting, cycle for a bit before sundown. Weather is currently not permitting, we have storm force gusts of wind.

So far, I have managed to drink lots of tea while looking out into the middle distance, or rather the garden where the pigeons are mating aggressively. Also, one of the almond trees, the one closest to the side of the house, has started to bud and even produced a first few leaves.

Life is full of surprises. One of them is that I have to have yet another MRI. I could pretend it's fun, maybe I will. 

Of course there is the pandemic, we haven't forgotten that pesky virus. How could we. I am now double-boostered, as in four (4) jabs. Because contrary to what was believed a few months ago, the booster is not merely a booster vaccination that restores the number of antibodies that have evaporated a few months after the second dose. No. The vaccination is only complete after three doses, just like the vaccination against polio or tetanus. This means that with the booster, a protective effect is achieved that was still not there two weeks after the second dose.
Apparently, this is especially true for omicron, even though the booster has not yet been adapted to this variant. The risk of being hospitalised is half that of twice-vaccinated people. In addition, triple-vaccinated people are less likely to pass the virus on to each other, even within a family. (If anybody needs the source of my claims, let me know, there's tons of published study material out there.)

And since my booster (aka third jab) was way back in September, I was given another one. Just so, I didn't even have to sit around for 15 mins afterwards. I just cycled home and washed out the cold frames for the new seeds. Let the 2022 garden season begin.

I finished watching Station Eleven and I cried a good bit, especially during the episode when all the babies are born. But also because it is such an unbelievably hopeful ending. Once the emotional stirrings had calmed down, I reviewed it with my clever daughter and we agreed that even 20 years after a mind boggling all consuming planet wide pandemic, women - who are all courageous and powerful - appear to have access to excellent make-up produce and stuff to diligently shave their legs and other body parts while men - who on the whole are a bit lost, but strive to be wise and kind - have taken on a hairy, disheveled hobbit-like appearance. We left it at that. It's good tv.

Other than that, I am almost 65 years old, my mother has been dead for 22 years and I am still learning that I don't owe my parents anything, that, however unhappy my father is right now, it's not my fault.

Here's another nice video for distraction.


Pixie said...

It's always so nice to come here, a bit of sanity in a crazy world. We both believe in science and that comforts me. I've given up trying to explain it to others, they don't care, they believe!

I'm glad you're understanding that you are not responsible for your parents' happiness. I feel that way about my children.

Have a lovely, relaxing day. Recharge your batteries. Dream of spring.

Colette said...

I'm happy to know all this about booster shots. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday.

Ms. Moon said...

I will take whatever boosters are offered. Of course, I live in a state where the governor would much rather push treatment for covid than any sort of prevention. He is, in short, an ass.
That film is beautiful.

ellen abbott said...

Sundays are even lazier than our regular lazy mornings. Strawberry pancakes planned for brunch. The birds have been mobbing the bird feeder during these four really cold days.

I haven't heard anything about a fourth jab but I did wonder if we would be getting a shot every year like some people get a flu shot (which I don't). It's nice to know that perhaps if I get it (I'm out and about more than my husband) I may not pass it on to my husband especially since we sleep in separate bedrooms as his breathing is already compromised. We are triple jabbed.

We started watching Station Eleven, just saw the 4th episode. I may seek out the book.

Steve Reed said...

"Station Eleven" sounds interesting -- I'll have to look that one up.

Dave was told he needs three jabs plus, eventually, a booster -- similar to what you're saying. We've each had three shots already but he managed to give me Covid anyway. :/ Still, if there's another booster, I'll take it!

Anonymous said...

I'm always ready for the next booster shot whenever it gets here. I'll be so happy when this Virus somehow just disappears. Yes, I'm a dreamer.
Take care there, Sabine.

ain't for city gals said...

At the beginning of all of this someone jokingly said "of course we will end up getting four shots. Why do you think there are four lines on the vaccination card " Little did we know way back then. I will take my fourth booster anytime they want to give it.

am said...

Thank you, Sabine, for everything in this post. Full of surprises, evoking a full range of emotions, including gratitude. Everything under the sun is new (-:

Sending love always.

37paddington said...

I didn't realize we are both 57 babies. Thank you for the info on the 4th shot, the actual booster. I love that you have high hopes for Sundays, but then you stay in your gown drinking tea and looking out at the rain. Such romance in that. Be well, be well.

Linda said...

Boost me! I am ready.

Glad you got yours and that you had intentions of getting stuff done but took the better route of watching randy pigeons and drinking tea.

Joared said...

I haven't heard a 4th shot was actually being given to people yet. I recall hearing talk of this as a possibility and can well imagine the 1st booster's antibodies would decline at some time interval making another booster wise. I'll be checking to see what they do here in the U.S. Wonder if we should be tested to determine the status of our antibodies or maybe their decline is pretty much the same for all after their last booster?

Enjoyed the video!

Sabine said...

The recommendation for a second booster here comes for people aged 70 and above, their carers, medical staff with direct patient contact and people with compromised immune systems.
Antibody tests only provided limited information, because these tests only look for specific antibodies, usually the ones that are found in the respiratory system. But the immune system also heavily relies on the so-called T-cell memory and to date, there is no rapid, reliable test for this. However, there are solid findings, not just in connection with covid, that T-cell memory plays a major role in any vaccine and that it remains fairly stable after a third covid vaccine provided the immune system is not too aged/compromised.
Bear in mind:
While an antibody test can only tell you if it's likely you've had covid before, some people who’ve had the virus or the vaccine do not have antibodies. This test cannot tell you if you're immune to covid and whether you may infect others.

Roderick Robinson said...

To that list of sublime tasks you may like to consider including the fantastic bouts of imagination that lie at the heart of expenses claims for editorial work. Often out-distancing the latter in terms of sheer creativity.

Whose fringe were you cutting?

Tara said...

Hello, Sabine. It's been ages since I've stopped by. I've not be enthused by blogging for awhile now, but I'm going back to old favorites. I'll let you know: I once fell asleep while getting a MRI. Is that not insane? I was also reading your post about your father's birthday. Mine's was today, he would have been ninety. He died last month. Like your dad, he could be a real shit to all three of his children. We talked about his shiftiness frequently. And now one sister feels guilty. Enough of that, I say.

Tara said...

I'm another 57 baby. It was a very good year!

joared said...

Thanks for the additional information. I'm in my eighth decade so guess I would be a prime candidate for a second booster. Meanwhile, I'm continuing to follow protective/prevention guidelines and use an N95 mask now that they're more readily available. I'll do this regardless of the increasing tendency here for many to disregard such precautions I think is premature.

beth coyote said...

"while men - who on the whole are a bit lost, but strive to be wise and kind - have taken on a hairy, disheveled hobbit-like appearance. We left it at that. It's good tv." I laughed our loud at that. My friend Christopher has, at long last, trimmed his beard (much to the delight of his wife". Before he looked like something that crawled out from the basement. Or the root cellar.