21 November 2022

May you be enough and don't want for more.

This morning early, I got the stitches removed from my forehead and since then I have tried to not look at the dent and the impressive upside down cross that could be a tattoo with a secret message for all I care. 

Things are a bit in a rush here as we are about to travel to far away places. Somewhere, sometime during the last two almost three years of lockdown and seclusion, I have lost some of my travel cool, so now I am nervous, double checking everything.  By this time tomorrow etc.

For now, I just want to highlight a few things that made me think, laugh or worry, in any case, stayed in my mind for a while (still).

Trying to make sense of the war in Ukraine, I watched this seven part documentary absolutely mesmerised and feeling foolishly ignorant and appalled and scared and amazed. It's by Adam Curtis, who is a most unique filmmaker, and it's really just a collection of footage from various reports over many years or as some critics said: like looking through a broken kaleidoscope. It will bring you outside your comfort zone but in a very worthwhile way. And you will understand a little bit, or maybe a lot more, who Putin really is and why he is the way he is.

On youtube, for parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 click here. For part 6, click here.

If you can access BBC iPlayer, you find all episodes there, just look for Traumazone and Adam Curtis. Watch the trailer on youtube.


In the coming week, we will cross many borders, departing and arriving in and from several far away countries, all at ease and in great comfort. We will hold up our maroon coloured EU passports and walk through open gates. Never once in my life was I denied entry anywhere in my many travels. 

Hospitality means the right of a stranger entering foreign territory to be treated without hostility. One may refuse to receive him, if it can be done without endangering his existence; however, so long as he conducts himself peaceably, he must notbe treated as an enemy.

(Immanuel Kant, Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Essay 1795)

Hospitality according to Kant is a right, mind you, not an act of philanthropy. In this context, this story by Anna Badkhen, followed me long into the night. Click here to either read or listen.


And here, an inspiring young woman with a great laugh:


And finally, something to lift our hearts. 


MFH said...

OMG! The myriad, ah say MYRIAD, Sistuh (said in Rooster Cochburn's accent) doors, alleys and dark stairways you open! I'll be busy for months! Thank you!

Are you playing the coquette by not disclosing your destinations? Thereby leaving us, your panting readers already on the edge of our seats, with our legs crossed in hopes of stifling our peeing in our pants. If I knew you better I might suspect you of a penchant for BDSM.


Pixie said...

I'm assuming you're going to visit your daughter and her family. Wonderful!

Have a lovely visit, especially with your granddaughter. Thank you for the recommendations. I shall watch and listen.

MFH said...

I had to pause what's his name and Ms. Thunberg at 12:35. Twelve minutes and thirty-five seconds of entertainment is all I can handle. I've been known to last 20 minutes in some videos, but it's rare. I'm curious to see May You. It'll be a while; it can take days for me to recover from previous exposure. I have severe & chronic PTSD, but am characterized as "high-functioning."

Thank you for all this!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe and good journey, Sabine. I hope all will be well and celebratory in every way. I will listen to all the music and interview soon. Just wanted to comment first and wish you well as you travel. Take care. (by NewRobin13)

Colette said...

Enjoy your trip.

beth coyote said...

thank you for the links. I will watch today. And safe travels. Enjoy!

ellen abbott said...

Several years ago I stupidly gouged a chunk of skin, fat, and tissue (miraculously avoiding the muscle) out the front of my thigh. 20+ stitches later I have a divot and a scar shaped like a chicken foot. Aren't you upset about having such a big scar, someone asked. Nah, I replied, I just look at it as an identifying mark if my headless body ever shows up. So, I'd say, look on the bright side except your identifying mark is on your head.

Evil seems to rear its evil head in one or two or three at all times. Like whack a mole, beat one down another pops up.

Safe travels, enjoy your visit.

Steve Reed said...

That documentary sounds interesting. I'll check it out!

MFH said...

Dear Sabine,

For reasons unknown I'm unable to endure more than a few minutes of video. If you could, would you please post a synopsis of Herr Curtis's video?

Thank you,


Sabine said...

Adam Curtis is a documentary filmmaker with a most unique style. Hard to describe. He is very in-depths, very precise and at times controversial. To some. You can read about him here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Curtis

His latest work is what I have been referring to in my post, a series of seven episodes, without voice-over or music or any of the usual drama styles, on the fall of the communist Soviet republic, the collapse of whatever held it together, the carnage of the oligarchs and the installment of Putin. It ends with images of a young, ignorant, grinning Putin who has no idea why he is where is is. You can read more here incl. some episode contents: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russia_1985-1999:_TraumaZone

A good review of the series is here: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/oct/13/russia-1985-1999-traumazone-review-ingenious-essential-viewing-from-adam-curtis

I have watched a couple of other documentaries by Curtis, this one is above and beyond his best so far.

molly said...

You have introduced me to so much that is worthwhile. I will, eventually get it all read and listened to. Thanks!

MFH said...

I admit to having -- forcefully -- stuck my head in the sand. Transparency International rates Ukraine's corruption at 120 out of 180 countries.

I recently tracked mention of a Netherland family mentioned in an online article to further information that gave them credit for being among the top five companies that handle the international transport of crude oil. The article claimed they were buying old tankers to store crude while production continued....there was no slow-down due to Russia leaving the supply line. Claiming shortages was a ploy to raise prices and reap profits.

I ask, "Why depress one's self with information such as this?" Instead, I use my time to consider how best to enjoy what remains of life and what I can do to bring a smile to someone.

37paddington said...

So much rich food for thought here. Safe travels and enjoy being with your daughter! I am very glad you got that hard pea on your forehead taken care of.

37paddington said...

How wonderful to be where you are, with who you're with. Enjoy.