22 July 2023

Saturday on the patio

I am still struggling with some health issues but what else is new. Thankfully, we have had some relief from the heat, enough to be able to sleep well and to spend an entire afternoon on the patio in the deckchair watching the grapes ripening with no energy for more. Yesterday, I spent the day editing manuscripts from a scientist who works on pollinator loss and what we can do about it.

One solution is coriander, go out and plant coriander, at the edges of your vegetable plots, in pots you can place around the garden, in a window box, wherever. It attracts pollinator insects like no other plant, herb or weed, regardless of climate or agroecological zone.

no coriander involved here

I have been listening with growing fascination to Burn Wild, originally a BBC podcast but widely available on various podcast platforms, "a story of two fugitive environmentalists, an eco-terrorist cell and a burning question: How far is too far to go to save the planet?" The story goes back to the late 1990s and early 2000s and so many questions are popping up in my head. We do know (about) two people who have been living off the grid for at least ten years now, hiding from prosecution for their environmental direct actions. I remember many years ago meeting one of them, who had been to uni with my daughter and had come for a short visit with my daughter who was minding the house while we were travelling. It was late at night and I was tired and cranky and of all the things I could have said or done, I chose to start cleaning the dishes. Good grief.

As for music, this has made me happy.



Pixie said...

I shall have to plant coriander; no hardship there, as I love it.

ellen abbott said...

glad to hear you've had a break in the heat and can enjoy your patio. still waiting for a break here but I'm determined to use our deck and so I sit out there with a cold drink for 30 or 45 minutes most nights 6:30ish to 7:45ish. me, the cat, and the dog. all of us ready to come in by the end.

am said...

Thank you for all this Sabine. O my goodness, yes, coriander.

NewRobin13 said...

Thank you for this, Sabine. We will definitely plant some coriander.

Anonymous said...

37paddington: Watching the grapes ripening seems like a spiritual activity to me. I hope you the flare of health issues abates soon.

Steve Reed said...

I did not know this about coriander! Useful knowledge!