20 November 2023

limited energy levels

The river has flooded all the pathways along its shore and now I am bereft because it means I have to use the hideous street lanes and back roads for cycling and walking. For the time being. We walked as far as possible yesterday watching the driftwood flowing past and by the time we turned back, the water was lapping across the path.  I had this sudden image of the ground being washed away, which is not something that could happen any time soon. Still more rain to come.

The sun sets before 5 pm now, six more weeks to midwinter. 

A few things that have come my way.

Amazing cats:


A short film:



 An interesting quote:

I think the world is pretty awesome right now – not in a good sense. I mean awe in the sense of just being awestruck by the weight of our historical moment. We really are alive on the knife’s edge of whether or not this earth is going to be habitable for our species. That is not something that we can handle just on our own.

So we need to reach towards each other. That’s really tricky work. It’s a lot easier to come together and agree on things that are not working and things that are bad than it is to come together and develop a horizon of how things could be better.

That’s the only thing that’s gonna let us get out of the mirror world and the reactivity of dumping everything that we can’t stand about ourselves on to other people.

Things could be beautiful, things could be livable. There could be a world where everyone belongs. But I don’t think we can bear the reality of our moment unless we can imagine something else.

Naomi Klein

 And an amazingly skilled and sharp short story to listen to: 

So late in the day, by Claire Keegan 


Barbara Rogers said...

A great quote that...sharing it with my Climate Conversation group, which meets monthly to consider the things we can do now...in our own sphere of life.

Steve Reed said...

I'm less worried about our species than I am all the other species that are dependent on our decisions.

am said...

You use your limited energy well. Your post brought me to diverse places I needed to visit today. From cats to Claire Keegan's short story.

Colette said...

I really liked the quote, it is upbeat and hopeful without ignoring the horrors. Bereft is a powerful word, one that makes a person feel exactly what it means. How interesting it must be to live between two languages, and still manage to choose the perfect word.

ellen abbott said...

I've been sleep deprived all week so my daughter brought me some zanax, told me to take a half of one before bed. it helped. I slept well last night. cold front blowing in today.

Jim Davis said...

The quote is wonderful, loved the cats & dominoes.