09 July 2011

away we go

Tomorrow morning after a lazy Sunday breakfast we shall pack the red bag and load the bicycles in the back of the car and we will pretend all is normal because the cat smells a rat as soon as I lift the shampoo bottle from the bathroom shelf and we will let down most of the blinds to make sure the house stays cool and the cat will start biting my heels at this stage while I tell her reassuringly that H will take good care of her as well as the tomatoes and aubergines in the greenhouse and then we will probably remember some last minute stuff and run back and forth for a bit and then we'll be off for a week because longer could spell disaster for R and his garden. Oh, yes, we will also pack the telescope because we are going to the hills and the lakes, the nature reserve, away from roads and city lights and we will cycle a bit and swim and at night we will look at the stars.


am said...

Good to hear that you will be out with your new bicycle. Especially to hear that you will see the stars that can't be seen in the city. That is one of my favorite things. Something that I haven't seen for quite a while. I live in a small but well lit town. The best night sky I ever saw was on the lightly populated coast of Mendocino County in Northern California. I had no idea there were so many stars to see.

Sabine said...

Thank you! All we need now is clear skies.

Jayne said...

Sounds lovely. Soak it all in, breathe deeply and enjoy! The stars will be smiling back at you. :-)