25 April 2014

I know nothing. I haven't figured it out at all. You'd think that after 4+ years I should have  discovered at least one measly little way to "listen to my body" (now there is an utterly rubbishy phrase).
But no. Whatever it is, it floors me out of the blue. As in totally. Which is the only regularity I can see. That and that I haven't the faintest idea why for several days in a row (!) I can be - yippee - so well and then - whoom - the shit hits the fan, just like that.
I mean, honestly, I have not attempted the impossible, run a marathon or missed out on rest and sleep or whatever.
So, in other words, there is no telling where this is going. Obviously, there never has been but you get sort of cheated for a while. That and spring.
But what else is new. I have never been good at letting stuff happen, let's face it. Don't get ill if you can help it. I mean it.


  1. There is no phrase I hate more than "listen to your body." None. And I'm one of those groovy people who meditates and does yoga and crap like that. It's just plain nonsense to say that you know ahead of time what your body is going to take in stride and what it isn't. You guess.

  2. Just like heaven. Sending love and encouragement and gratitude to you for writing from your kind heart despite your baffling illness.

  3. I so identify with this. My pain is the same. Intense some days, less so on other days, and i don't know what makes the difference. i hope the good days come back around for you soon.

  4. So sorry to read that you have been ill. The worst part of "new age listen to your body" advice is that it's so incredibly stupid. The sub-text is that you if you feel sick, you weren't listening carefully enough. That's ridiculous. We listen, we notice, we pay attention, we eat well, we exercise, we do all we can… we still get sick. I hope you are feeling better.

  5. I hope this will blow over very soon, liebe Sabine, like a spring squall that doesn't last in the face of sunshine.