07 March 2016

After a weekend with tooth ache I went to the dentist and the sky did not fall down. He was very reassuring and even made me a little drawing of the gap between the two molars that got infected because the world is not fair.
I think I will survive. But. Of course, I don't believe he is right and that my last remaining upper molars are quietly rotting away in all their shiny whiteness.
Still hurts but I am ever so cool and brave and grown up. Last night I read about Napoleon and the battle of Austerlitz until the dawn chorus set in. Not in my wildest dreams etc.


  1. Thank you for The The. Transports me back 30 plus years.
    This is the day....

  2. What a relief. I just found a wonderful dentist. Somehow he was able to fix a mostly-broken molar when I was sure it would need at least a crown.

    Even with some insurance, i was prepared to pay about $800-900 that day. He fixed my broken tooth, and offered to pull my wisdom tooth on that side while it was numb. Sure! I said. He had some nifty tool and with a couple of weird cranks it was out. (My twin sister had hers removed by an oral surgeon under general anesthesia, so i was stoked he was willing to just get them out without all the damn fanfare.) Anyhow, it was less than $200 for both. I almost fell over.

    (sorry such a me-centric reply.)

    I like that song. The the they're kind of David Bowie-esque. Happy.

  3. That sounds like some serious reading! Can't listen to them music at the mo because I'm at work but will do so later. Glad you got those teeth looked at. :)

  4. It must be dentist season because I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time lately in the dentist chair. Glad your appointment went well and that things could be repaired easily.

  5. What is it that makes us cool and brave and grown up in the face of pain? Is it to spare others? Or to spare ourselves their judgment. I hope the pain goes soon.

  6. All that and War and Peace, too. I'm a few chapters earlier. Still reading a chapter each morning, entering that vivid world that is so oddly familiar and at the same time new. I read War and Peace once before but I was much younger. Now I am as old as the old people. During the first reading, I was grateful that
    our country was not at war, but very aware of how unpeaceful peace can be. Never dreamed that the U.S. would engage in another war. Naive me.

    Thank you for introducing me to music I might never have heard otherwise. I was making drawings something like that when that music was being heard. Brings me back in terms of my art work. The lyrics move me.

    I love it when a doctor can figure out what the problem is and can draw me a picture of why something hurts. Sending love.

  7. This album, even just seeing the cover, before hearing the songs, transports me right back to my student days, so evocative of 80s it hurts. Glad the dentist sorted you out. Good dentists are gold dust.