13 October 2017

never lose touch with the universe

"When the Manhattan Project scientists – half-mad from years of grinding out atomic-level discoveries in the race to beat Germany to the bomb – emerged from their Los Alamos lab one morning, they looked up in terror at a strange bright light in the sky. Among the scientists was an astronomer who reassured the group that it was only Venus."

as told by Daniel Magariel

There I was chewing over this quote, tossing and thinking - as you do in the early hours before sunrise - until I realised what bothered me.
Let's replace  'only' with 'the magnificent, the wondrous, the mysterious' Venus.


  1. Well, I guess everything is relative. When you've spent years staring mass annihilation in the face, "only" Venus is actually a good thing -- and quite wondrous even without being labeled as such. Don't you think?

  2. I see Venus often in the pre-dawn, particularly at this time of year, and the sight never fails to move me; it is indeed magnificent, mysterious, awesome. And then brother sun rises!

  3. Yes! I run out every clear-sky morning to look at "the magnificent, the wondrous, the mysterious" Venus. I even shout hello!