05 January 2022

true or false

  1. The sars-cov-2 virus is an airborne pathogen.
  2. An infection with this virus is not just a respiratory but also a vascular disease that can attack other organs.
  3. The virus spreads well in indoor settings without proper ventilation (e.g. restaurants), but not when the indoor space is set on a sidewalk or in a street.
  4. In a queue, the virus weakens and dies if it must travel perpendicular to the direction of the queue and it hates right angles.
  5. The virus can only infect people when they are having fun. It spreads at parties and other social gatherings but not in schools or offices and never on public transport or in a taxi.
  6. The virus shies away from perspex, regardless of room size or the size of the perspex shield.
  7. The virus can kill. 
  8. It only infects people who don't wear masks.
  9. The virus causes poorly understood neurological changes and sometimes lingers for months.
  10. On airplanes the virus cannot infect people when they all simultaneously remove their masks to eat and drink when snacks are rolled out.
  11. In fact, the virus will neither enter nor leave your mouth when you eat because the food is blocking it.
  12. An infection with this virus can cause loss of taste.
  13. In classrooms the virus rarely infects any pupils because they are small people.  But when they are in the real world, it's a different story.
  14. Infection with this virus may also cause vomiting, diarrhea and nausea.
  15. The virus replicates in your lungs and airways, but is only exhaled through the mouth so your mask doesn't need to cover your nose.
  16. The virus is literate. If you print any sentence in the entrance of a place including the magic words "...all measures...safety...protocols", the virus understands it and avoids the place, no matter what you actually do.
  17. When someone famous or of high political standing says that they feel "quite safe"  in a particular setting or even at an office xmas party, the virus bows to this superior feeling and stops transmitting.  
  18. The virus cannot spread at political or sports events, but is highly contagious at small family gatherings.
  19. The virus stays well away from anti vaxxers.
  20. This is how you take a nasopharyngeal or nose swap to test for the virus.
Have fun. There is a box with 50+ test kits sitting in our hallway, we are old hats by now and test like there is no tomorrow.


Ms. Moon said...

I think a whole lot of people would fail your test. Which will, of course, lead to them passing the Covid test. If passing means positive.

am said...

Erik Levi! True.

Colette said...

I enjoyed the list.

Pixie said...

Too funny. I especially like #4, just makes so much sense.

37paddington said...

Have you heard that the home tests pick up Omicron better from a throat sample rather than a nasal one? We have stockpiled a few tests, too, I evn ordered a couple of PCR tests that can be done at home, but since I am mostly staying home and have no symptoms other that imagined ones that pass when my anxiety does, I am saving them for when there is a real need.

Sabine said...

Yes, we started this today, ugh. The one I liked most was the saliva test where you spit into the little tube and mix it.

Steve Reed said...

It's amazing what people believe (or tell themselves) about this virus. I enjoyed your test, but with a sense of dread. LOL

I hadn't heard what 37P posted above about Omicron being detected better via throat swab. All our tests are nasal. &*%$@!!!!

ellen abbott said...

It would be interesting to see the results of people who actually take this little quiz. I bet we could identify if a person is democrat or republican by their answers in this country. We haven't gotten any home tests.

beth coyote said...

Oh boy. And depending on who you are, you believe some of these absolutely.

Roderick Robinson said...

You proved one thing about Covid - there's too much to remember offhand.