10 July 2017

the garden is bliss

Fools hurry, the clever wait, the wise enter through the garden gate.
Rabindranath Tagore

We have reached that stage of sloth which - combined with the heat and humidity - completely cancels any desire to enter any garden-of-the-year competition. At this stage the veg simply grow by themselves anywhere, all we need to do is actually find them in the wilderness and harvest. I no longer notice the weeds (what weeds?) that push up through the patio stones and our surprise find of several envelopes of ancient collected pumpkin seeds in March, which we dutifully sowed and planted,  has resulted in pumpkin basically growing everywhere.
So take your pick, this is our wilderness.

one of the vines

the onions drying with my bicycle

petunias on the way to the laundry room

this is the corner for the bees


runner beans



buddleia and tansy

day lily battles with pumpkin

imagine their smell

hidden pumpkin
petal confetti

first tomatoes in the greenhouse

sweet woodbine


Colette said...

Thank you! These are great.

37paddington said...

What a verdant and beautiful corner of the world! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is beautiful. It's even blissful looking at it from here.

Ms. Moon said...

Thank you for sharing these. I have been wanting to see your garden.
"Agapanthus" is one of my favorite words.

Roderick Robinson said...

Th' impulsive leap
The uncaring sleep
While thieves detach the garden gate

Hattie said...

That looks like heaven, all right. We also have reached one of those ignore the weeds stages. Got a pineapple to harvest this a.m!

Rouchswalwe said...

Ach, iss' dess' abber schönnnn!

Hattie said...

What proliferation! What abundance!

Lucy said...

I was going to say you should really make these photos appear bigger, then I thought don't be lazy, and clicked on them and made them bigger myself, like we used to do on blogs in the old days.

Coming back here and reading, however hard and painful things are for you, always makes me get up, shake myself, and resolve to make more of life, at the same time humbled and enlarged. (Though it must be said I am currently almost gardenless and not minding it a bit! I am enjoying foraging.)

Bless you and good courage.

My life so far said...

You have a lovely garden